Sonic Boom

(A Telling Blast)

I hadn’t seen my neighbours for a while
They come and go when I am resting
But today we met quickly with a smile
Even with ‘lockdown’ pressing!

“Hello, are you alright?
I thought you’d fallen
And tumbled downstairs, or
Perhaps a cupboard had toppled
And pinned you down tight!”.

“The whole house moved,
My ears are ringing,
I hope the structure’s still safe,
Are we all in the same place?!”.

“Ah I see a vapour trail,
So it was a plane
Breaking the ‘sound barrier’,
Showing complete disdain!”.

Scrambled to intercept
A plane with no I.D.,
Fast enough to frighten
Both you and me.

But it’s reassuring to know
The UK is safe,
No enemy allowed
Into our space.

If only we could rid
Ourselves of ‘Covid’,
With such vigour and speed
We would be truly freed.

Ed Lloyd Jenkins
January 2021

For details of the reason for the sonic boom, heard shortly after 1pm on Tuesday 12th January 2021, see Huge sonic boom heard over Cambridge – Cambridge Independent.

For a lesson on what causes a sonic boom, see this link provided by the RAF.
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