Planned Replacement for Bibimbap House – How Big?

Plans have been submitted to the Greater Cambridge Shared Planning service for the complete demolition of the Bibimbap House Korean Restaurant building and the residential accommodation above and behind it. If approved, the existing three-story building would be replaced by a five-storey building, with an additional basement.

Existing building with restaurant on ground floor
Proposed building with additional storeys and restaurant on ground-floor and in basement

What do you think of these proposals? You can check out the full details, and download all of the drawings, here.

Read the comments which other local residents have made about the application, here. You will note that there is a very thorough, detailed objection from the occupant(s) of 21 Mill Street.

If you’d like your views taken into account by the planning committee, log in to the planning portal and submit your own comment here.

This post is open for comments, but please remember that nothing published on our website can be considered by the City Council’s planning committee. You are, however, welcome to use this space to encourage others to submit their own comments on the planning portal.

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2 June 2021 19:46

Out of curiosity how often do projects with a majority of bedrooms (4/7) without any source of natural light (or ventilation?) get approved by local planners? I gather from a cursory glance at the situation that “no window” bedrooms can be problematic from a rental and sale point of view (ie. can’t be counted) but there is no specific rule against building them? If it’s uncommon I’m not sure it’s a good place to start now as “no windows in habitable rooms” is often equated with declining residential standards.

Edward Jenkins
29 May 2021 21:02

Utmost care has to be taken to maintain the history of Mill Road and thus it is imperitive that the roof line together with the shape and facade of each building within the road, all be preserved and maintained in their entirity,. to preserve it’s integrity

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