Projector screen

Thanks to the Trash Nothing site and app – and the generosity of a donor in Shelford, Mill Road Bridges now has a small projector screen.

So Mill Road Bridges can be generous, too.

We can lend this to non-profit community groups in and around Mill Road.

It would be suitable for small meetings, of up to 20 people (maybe 30 at a pinch). See the image and dimensions, below.


Screen width: 95 cm
Screen height: 98 cm
Height from floor to top of screen: 166 cm
Extended leg radius: 43 cm

Could be positioned on a table-top for extra height (if you’re careful).

Terms & conditions

Email us, using this link, as far in advance as you can.
You/your group is responsible for collection and return.
There is no fee.
If you damage the screen, you/your group are responsible for finding a replacement of similar standard (2nd-hand, not perfect, but passable).

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