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Our volunteers distribute 5,500 copies to residents in and around Mill Road and to local shops, cafés and pubs. Could you help us? Additional volunteer distributors are always welcome, and we especially need help in Romsey Town.

If you think that you could help, please click this link to email us.

The first issue of the decade (Nº25) is now being distributed.

Four times per year, the non-profit community group, Mill Road Bridges, produce a lively local newsletter focussing on different aspects of life in and around Cambridge’s Mill Road. You can view and download past editions here: Newsletter downloads.

With its high editorial to advert ratio, Mill Road News is well received by residents – rather than being thrown, unopened, into the recycling bin! 

We sell advertising only to cover the costs of supporting Mill Road Bridges’ objectives of furthering the interests of local residents and traders in Mill Road’s ‘Community of Communities’. We do not seek advertising from businesses with no connection to Mill Road.

In addition, though this website and our @MillRoadBridges Twitter account we seek to highlight local residents’ and traders’ on-going discussion about the future of Mill Road.

Perhaps you would like to become more active in the Mill Road community, by joining our steering committee and helping contribute to planning future editions of Mill Road News. If so, please email us to offer your support and involvement in Mill Road Bridges.

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