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Janet Wright
Janet Wright
22 October 2020 18:47

Powerful stuff! The sea images make a perfect backing to the poem, and underline how small we are in the face of these mighty waves. A reminder that we have to look after each other — we’re all in the same boat.

Edward Jenkins
Reply to  Janet Wright
25 November 2020 20:08

Thanks Janet, I’m pleased you liked it. Edward.?

Caroline Wilson
Caroline Wilson
22 October 2020 16:16

Thank you for this, Ed..especially for the ‘hope’ at the end!

Edward Jenkins
Reply to  Caroline Wilson
25 November 2020 20:13

Thanks Caro, I’m so pleased you enjoyed the metaphors. I’m not sure whether you’ve seen any other of my video poems, but should you like to view them, particularly the one giving a vision of things after covid, I’d be happy to email you a direct link, Ed.?

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