Kiss Old Hitler?

The story of a Cambridge family during World War Two

A new book from an author with many local connections, Marjory Francis
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Up to his chest in seawater, surrounded by floating body parts, and attacked by German planes, Fred distracted himself by thinking of his family at home. But his thoughts inevitably returned to Angele, the beautiful French girl he had met and fallen in love with in autumn 1939. ‘I could almost kiss old Hitler for what he’s done for me’ he wrote to his sister Amy. But that was before he had to run for his life towards Dunkirk, and now would he and Angele ever see each other again?

And what of the rest of the family? How would Mum Nell, Dad Jim, sisters Ida and Amy, and brother Basil fare in this terrible war?

Extract from ‘Kiss Old Hitler?’

For many years I have been thinking of writing the story of my mother’s family during WW2. My grandparents lived in Hemingford Road and although they were a very ordinary family (two daughters and two sons), in those extraordinary times things happened to make an interesting story: a soldier meeting the love of his life in France, the beloved being left behind in occupied territory, Dunkirk, the Falkland Islands, RAF training in Canada, being shot down, a prison camp, doodlebugs – and even Lord Haw Haw features!

The reason for the intriguing title is explained on the cover and early on in the story.

The book is based on family letters and reminiscences and is written as a novel.

Mill Road, Hemingford Road and St Philip’s Church all feature. This has been a labour of love for me, not a money-making enterprise, and I’m sure many people knowing the area today would be interested to read it.

The book can be obtained from Waterstones (I am hoping the Cambridge store will stock it) or Amazon.

All profits will go to cancer research.

Author, Marjory Francis, by email.

Click here to order from Amazon.
Click here to order from Waterstones.
If purchasers order from Waterstones, it might encourage them to stock the book in their Cambridge store.


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