Petition opposing the bridge closure

(Technically this is a restriction rather than a closure)

Mill Road Bridges exists to give a voice to all who live in, trade in, shop in, visit, or have an interest in Mill Road. Our linking to this petition should not be read as support. Neither should this statement be read as opposition.

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James Youd, Labour Organiser started this petition to Cambridgeshire County Council.

Cambridgeshire County Council has is using £575k funding to implement a number of Experimental Traffic Orders (ETO) to completely shut several roads in Cambridge for an initial period of 6 months without consultation.

The most drastic of these in the closure for all traffic expect buses, cyclists and pedestrians of Mill Road bridge…

James Youd

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27 July 2020 20:34

Wow – In the Covid lockdown China does Hong Kong and (on a much smaller scale) Cambridge Council thinks…, what can we get away with…?

Note: The Mill Road scheme was designed by Cambridgeshire County Council (not Cambridge City Council) using central government money.
Web Editor

I live very close to the bridge and use it daily – or I used to – It has added miles to my journeys, pushing traffic elsewhere around the city, net impact on my case – more pollution.

Guess I was Born on the Wrong Side of The Tracks! Locked out as well as Lock Down, I could go on. Protect the Uni and city centre elites, make the poor riff-raff from over there walk. It is a class divide… and the Bridge was supposed to bring people together – restricting its use can only bring division. Better scrub those paintings off, eh councillors but, no, they could not propose that directly. Let them have their pictures, just put up a virtual fence.

On Taxis, why? A taxi is a private car hired for a period, same pollution same noise same danger. A Taxi is not a bus. And buses… don’t get me started, biofuel sustainable… lol, have you seen a palm oil plantation?? How about food delivery drivers, motorbikes, tractors… I’ll stop there ?

Note: Our contact at Cambridge Area Bus Users believes that Stagecoach only used recycled cooking oil in the ‘bio’ mix.

Moreover, counterintuitively, Euro VI diesel buses have lower emissions than Euro 6 diesel taxis. The well-known scandal of the way that emission test for lighter diesel engines were gamed, does not apply to the heavy diesel engines which are subject to real-world testing. There is a post – Dirty Buses – on the Cambridge Area Bus Users website which has much more information on diesel emissions.
Web Editor

Reminds me of a French energy minister once said about building nuclear power stations, in his [redacted] voice of supreme arrogance, ‘If you want to drain [the] marsh, do you consult [the] frogs?’ Mind you, even if they did consult, the result would be the same as the imposition of the residents’ parking scheme probably. A foregone conclusion and untenable alternatives.

Note: We understand that all residents’ parking schemes in Cambridge have been introduced only following a consultation and a majority vote of those who responded.
Web Editor

Lets imagine virtual bridges, pinch points, roadblocks – call them what you want – if we could sprinkle them around the city where could we put them? – Elizabeth Road Bridge? The beginning of St Andrews Street? Huntingdon Road? anywhere really – so why Mill Road Bridge? Is there logic, or was it just random, why are we in Romsey being shut out? I think we should be told.


See also this comment about how, with the limited timescale imposed by central government, there is little time to think out projects from a clean sheet.
Web Editor

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