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We were recently sent a link to The Big Hedgehog Map and it looked like something worth passing on. It’s a Google Maps mashup and is set with a ‘placeholder’ postcode – SW8 4BG – the HQ of the People’s Trust for Endangered Species. Tap you own postcode in the box, hit ‘Return’ and discover Hedgehog sightings in our area.

Why not map your hedgehog sighting, using the simple form?

Squirrels – love ’em or hate ’em?

Let’s hear your views.

Here’s what The Guardian‘s Dale Berning Sawa has to say one the subject:

View to a cull: is grey squirrel the ultimate sustainable meat?

Restaurants serving up the furry rodent are seeing a rise in demand as customers look for wild meat sources.

Would you eat grey squirrel ragu? Or a delicate grey squirrel pie? Or would you balk at eating Beatrix Potter’s Squirrel Nutkin? (Yes we do know that Squirrel Nutkin was a red, not a grey.)

One local resident, infuriated with grey squirrels invading and raiding his garden told us:

Squirrels? They’re just rats with bushy tails and better PR!

Covent Garden Resident

Garden birds

Which have you seen, recently? The RSPB bird identifier lists 408 species of birds found in the UK, including some rare overseas visitors. It’s simple to use – give it a try.

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One thought on “Mill Road Wildlife”

  1. re. squirrels: I watched a Come Dine With Me a while back and one of the dishes being served was squirrel. It seems not even covering their flesh in batter and frying made it palatable.
    I lose time watching them in my garden.
    They (more than 3 sometimes) seem to dare each other to get closer and closer to the cat flap.
    They and the cat know they’re not at threat!

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