Mill Road to lose all through buses to Addenbrooke’s for over six months

We are indebted to Cambridge Area Bus Users for alerting us to this alarming development.

From 9th September 2019, the junction of Queen Edith’s Way and Fendon Road will be closed so that work can be carried out on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council on the layout of the roundabout. Disruption is expected to last 29 weeks (so until the end of March 2020). Stagecoach’s citi2 will not serve Addenbrooke’s Hospital during this time.

The citi2 service is a vital link to Addenbrooke’s Hospital for residents in and around Mill Road.

Passengers have already suffered Stagecoach’s cut in frequency from a 10-minute to a 20-minute service to Addenbrooke’s. Additionally, Mill Road area residents have had a total rupture to through services, over the summer, as a consequence of Govia Thameslink Railway’s work on Mill Road bridge and the Cadent/Triio gas-main works.

It would appear that Stagecoach’s management were not properly consulted by Cambridgeshire County Council and given inadequate time to find the ‘least worst’ solution the otherwise disruption in the construction phase of this scheme.

Full details are available on the Cambridge Area Bus Users blogpost: Citi2 will not serve Addenbrooke’s Hospital for over six months.

We have turned off comments, here. The Cambridge Area Bus Users blogpost is open for comments. We encourage all Mill Road-ers to contribute their comments there, to follow the Cambridge Area Bus Users website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter if you have accounts.