Here are links to Mill Road, Cambridge, and Cambridgeshire organisations which we hope you’ll find useful.

Mill Road History Society

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Capturing Cambridge

Capturing Cambridge was originally created to hold the results of research performed by the Mill Road History Project, precursor to the Mill Road History Society.

Capturing Cambridge is now managed by the Museum of Cambridge who are working with different groups around the city to grow its content beyond the original Mill Road brief. Reports created by the Mill Road History Project, and new research by the Mill Road History Society, are stored on the site in the Mill Road Area project.

Museum of Cambridge

Over three hundred years of Cambridgeshire history in the former White Horse Inn, 2-3 Castle Street, Cambridge, CB3 0AQ. The timber framed building was a coaching inn from the 17th century. Explore our collections, from household objects, paintings and toys to Fen folklore cures and remedies. Discover the fascinating stories of local people – find the Giant’s Boot, the prize belt of the long distance champion of the world, witch bottles and the real Muffin Man.

Phone: 01223 355159
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Town NOT Gown

Cambridge history tours for local residents

Discover the hidden history of Cambridge with local historian & Blue Badge Guide Allan Brigham.

Allan Brigham, pre-retirement as a Cambridge City Council roadsweeper

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Mill Road Winter Fair

Brochure art by Sam Motherwell

Mill Road Winter Fair is a celebration of the area’s community, held always on the first Saturday in December. In 2018 it will take place on 1st December. Preparations have already been underway for months.! It’s an event created and run by people from the Mill Road area with almost everyone joining in and contributing something; community groups, faith centres, businesses, entertainers, residents, visitors … everyone has something individual to contribute. Why not Volunteer?

The main purposes of the Fair are to:

  • celebrate the richness of life in the neighbourhood of Mill Road, highlighting the diverse opportunities that exist for local residents and aiming to attract interest in Mill Road and its environs from other Cambridge residents not familiar with the area
  • encourage groups and individuals to demonstrate and exhibit works which represent their culture and way of life
  • facilitate each group and individual to raise money for whichever charity or good cause they choose
  • promote interest in each representative group or individual and their work
  • foster friendship and strengthen cooperation between communities on both sides of the railway bridge.

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