Gas Works – Important Update

Triio, contractors for Cadent Gas, are returning to Mill Road to complete works from last year. Whilst the street sign informing of impending works, which went up a couple of weeks ago, indicated the main focus from the commencement date of Monday 27th July would be near the city end of Mill Road, a letter sent to traders appeared to suggest it was the whole of Mill Road.

Understandably, as we and the Cambridge Independent have reported, Mill Road’s traders were extremely concerned.

On investigation Cllr Linda Jones, Cambridgeshire County Councillor for Petersfield Division, found that the planned Triio/Cadent work was for connections from the new gas main to individual premises, only on the stretch of Mill Road between Mortimer Road and Mackenzie Road.

The planned work, Linda reports, is as follows:

Phase 1, when it starts, will be between Mortimer Road and Guest Road, with two-way signals. This will last four weeks and initially the closed section will be on the southwestern (shops) side as Triio accesses the new gas main (laid last year) to do the connections to the shops. After that the closed section will be the pavements on the residential side, with temporary footways created in the roadway, still with two-way signals but on the other side of the road. Triio/Cadent will, again, be connecting individual properties to the new gas main.

Phase 2 will be between Guest Road and Mackenzie Road and will take around three weeks. There will be three-way signals to enable exit/entry from side roads. Again, works will start on the shops’ side and then move to the residential side.

During the past week, Cllr Jones has been negotiating with Triio and the Cambridgeshire County Council Streetworks team, to achieve the best way forward.

The gas works have been delayed from the planned date of Monday 27th July since the build-outs will need to be removed to allow short stretches of one-way traffic with temporary signals. Linda has also pushed for the ever-deepening potholes to be filled quickly, lest that whole section of carriageway collapse. The potholes have now been repaired.

Cllr Jones has now informed us that the gas connection works will start on Monday 3rd August. Triio will be doing the work in two stages as described before.

Linda also adds:

“As we ‘survivors’ from last summer know, there could be minor delays if antiquated connectors at properties need replacing. But there is no other work currently scheduled for Mill Road.”

Cllr Linda Jones, Cambridgeshire County Councillor for Petersfield Division

Our thanks are due to Cllr Jones for her assiduous work to look after the interests of Mill Roaders.

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