Taank Optometrists prepare for safe re-opening

We are delighted to know that Mill Road’s longstanding independent optometrist practice is preparing for the future.

After the devastating fire at the adjacent premises of the much-loved – and now much-missed – H Gee in July 2019, the practice has installed temporary premises at the rear, only to be shut down with most other businesses under the Cover-19 emergency regulations.

Plans have been submitted to Cambridge City Council for re-design and rebuilding, which can be viewed here on the Greater Cambridge Planning website. However, that’s for the longer term, what about when government regulations and advice permit regular eye-care appointments again?

Anjana Taank Writes…

While much of the guidance from government and media is confusing, we’re busy finding practical, safe solutions to your eye care challenges.

It turns out that the way we work is considered as pandemic-proof as you can get.

Read the full Taank Optometrists May 2020 Newsletter here.

As businesses reopen, they’ll all need to control and choreograph their customer ‘journeys’. This means sacrificing volume to protect staff and visitors. Luckily for us, government guidelines and social distancing requirements are perfectly aligned with the way we already operate.

How you’ll be protected when services resume:

  • One client in, one out: We’ll restrict the number of clients in the practice at any given time.
  • Hand sanitisation: You’ll be provided with hand sanitiser on arrival. This is a must. Naturally, all frames will be sanitised before you try them on.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): When it comes to protective gear, we’ll have the whole kit and caboodle to keep everyone safe. This includes:
    • Sneeze guards: ‘Ultra-stylish’ perspex guards that keep us all safe while still enjoying face to face interaction. They’re 100% compatible with smiles, eye contact, even laughter—the things that make us human.
    • Face masks: Finding frames that match your face and personality remains our Holy Grail. However, we’re required to add face masks to our seasonal list of ‘must-have’ accessories for the time being. When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll be offered a mask and the team will sport masks for close contact (two metres or less).
      Given how attractive our clients are (not to mention the movie star good looks of the team) it seems a travesty to cover up our perfectly formed noses and mouths, but so be it. With that in mind, our eyewear games will need to be strong to balance out our additional face wear. The right frames will instantly communicate something about you, your personality, and style. And we’re here to help.
  • Video styling consultations: Unable to visit us in person? We’re developing a Video Eyewear Styling Consultation to enable one of our eyewear experts to walk you through the process remotely.

Taank Optometrists can be contacted by phone on 01223 350071 or email info@taankoptometrists.co.uk.

Do you run a business along Mill Road? Would you like to tell us how you’re serving customers during the Covid-19 lockdown, or how you’re preparing for the future? Email us on info@mill-road.com. We’re here to unite all of Mill Road’s ‘Community of Communities’.

Perhaps you’re a customer, and would like to tell us about the great service you’re receiving, or how much you’re missing a favourite café, pub or shop. Email us on info@mill-road.com.

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