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Sweet Gill D’Apollonio writes (28/05/2020):

Nearly three months ago lockdown began and the way we trade on Mill Road changed forever. Within the space of a week we went from being fully booked to no sit-in customers at all. Like a lot of our Mill Road neighbours we had to think quickly about what to do next. So we switched to contactless payment and a free delivery service (home, work or parks) for our gourmet pizzas, puddings and wine.

Our local community and our loyal customers are our biggest supporters but it’s been hard work keeping the business going alongside family life as well. Like most small businesses, we are constantly juggling to provide a quality service, to give clear communications about what’s going on, and to keep perspective.

And hopefully we’re giving something back too, by supporting Cambridge Food Hubs and donating pizzas to key workers in our area.

Currently there’s no clear guidance of when we can re-open for sit-ins but when we do, we’ll be making sure that we follow strict health and safety guidelines to keep our customers and team safe at all times. As part of this plan, we’ll continue with best practice for hand hygiene and contactless payments, as well as introducing socially-distanced seating. We’re really looking forward to seeing more people (but not cars) back on Mill Road!

One of the notable things has been a decrease in traffic and that feels like a breath of fresh air. Going forward some kind of pavement café culture should be encouraged especially on the Petersfield side of the bridge.

Maurizio Dining & Co have now applied for a licence for people to eat and drink across the road from the restaurant.

One of the things we do best on Mill Road is work well together as a community and we’re sure post-lockdown we will all continue to do so.

Click the image to take you to the Maurizio Dining & Co website

Maurizio Dining & Co are at 44 Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 2AS
Free delivery in Cambridge. Monday – Saturday 4.30-9.30pm.
No physical contact required, card payments only.
Call 07957 735844 to order.
Email enquiries on

Happier times…

Do you run a business along Mill Road? Would you like to tell us how you’re serving customers during the Covid-19 lockdown, or how you’re preparing for the future? Email us on We’re here to unite all of Mill Road’s ‘Community of Communities’.

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Janet Wright
Janet Wright
17 June 2020 16:40

It’s good to know there’s something useful you can do during lockdown. And if it involves eating tasty food, all the better!

We were frightened that lockdown would bankrupt all our favourite pubs and eateries. So we’ve been ordering pizza from Maurizio every Wednesday, along with regular meals from the Geldart, the Corner House and various other places now doing takeaways or deliveries. It’s one of the treats we can still have, and helps create a bit of routine in this disorientingly timeless period. Really looking forward to that pizza this evening ….